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A security mirror is one of the most cost effective and successful tools in your campaign to deter theft and prevent accidents. A variety of different security mirror products including convex mirror and dome mirror configurations should be used in conjunction with each other for optimal results in high risk areas. Many loss prevention directors prefer to use security mirrors along with CCTV and video surveillance systems to aid in the capture and prosecution of criminals.

A convex security mirror for outdoor use can aid in the surveillance of parking lots, garages, and all areas where customer and personnel safety is needed. Outdoor security mirrors give your patrons and employees the peace of mind they need to conduct their business without fear of being a victim of a crime.


Convex Security MirrorsConvex security mirrors are an excellent choice to safeguard against theft and accidents. Because of the convex design, they capture a larger scope of a visual area and are preferred over other security mirror types. Available in unbreakable polycarbonate alternative Duramir lens, shatterproof acrylic and glass lenses. Assists with monitoring areas that would normally be blind spots in retail & convenience stores, warehouses, offices, & blind drives.

Security Inspection MirrorsSecurity Inspection Mirrors are great for inspecting underneath or on top of transportation, cargo and machinery. Our made in the USA, GSA approved handheld inspection mirrors come in a variety of different configurations such as caster wheels, lights, ergonomic handles or extendable poles to 13 feet. Our products are the same high-quality handheld inspection mirrors used by federal and state agencies.

Dome Security MirrorsDome security mirrors increase safety and security for observing areas in warehouses, hospitals, schools, prisons & mental institutions. Security Domes are available in full dome, half dome and quarter dome security domes in either the polycarbonate alternative unbreakable Duramir or convex acrylic lens. Great for pedestrian and vehicular traffic, accident avoidance & shoplifting prevention.

Klear-Vu Flat Industrial Security MirrorsKlear-VU Flat Industrial Security Mirrors are available in glass, acrylic, & stainless steel. All come with a durable stainless steel frame. They are available in a flush mount or swivel mounted models. They are most commonly used in lavatories & washroom facilities in schools, prisons, warehouses, hospitals, & commercial enviornments.

Forklift Security MirrorsForklift security mirrors provide the operator with a greater field of vision and dramatically reduce industrial accidents. Although they are termed as "forklift mirrors" they, are also useful as a small convex mirror for a vast range of applications where a smaller diameter is desired. 

Elevator Security MirrorsElevator security mirrors help reduce blind spots in elevator cabs. They deter people from criminal activity and give users peace of mind. Elevator mirrors are mandatory in some state such as IL & NY. We offer a theft proof model that mounts through the cab as well as models that can mount directly to the wall of the cab.

All of our security mirrors are made in the USA of the highest quality.   Our supplier for the mirrors is who consistently supplies us with high quality convex mirrors and security mirrors at low prices.

We are available weekdays from 8AM-5PM EST to offer our expertise answering your questions and order placement. You may order by phone during business hours or online 24/7 with our secure servers. Our security mirrors are fabricated on order and ship from our midwest US facility. 

  • Call us toll Free with questions or ordering.
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